In Search of Cupid and Psyche: Myth and Legend in Children's Literature

"Cupid and Psyche": Apuleius

Weeks: One -- Three

The following pages are required for weeks one--three of In Search of Cupid and Psyche: Myth and Legend in Children's Literature.

Cupid and Psyche, by Apuleius; translation by Robert Graves.

Focus questions--1

Focus questions--2

Supplementary readings: 

Apuleius Web site

Introduction: "The argument" (read up to and then skim "What is a myth?");

"Ground" myths (various): Authorities discuss and define "myth" and "mythology";

"Mythological and Archetypal Approaches" (Wilfred L. Guerin);

Psycho-analytic criticism of "Cupid and Psyche" organized by James Gollnick:

  • from: Amor and Pysche, (1956), by Erich Neumann;

  • from: The Uses of Enchantment, (1975), by Bruno Bettelheim;

  • from: Het Sprookje van Amor en Psyche in het licht der Psychoanalyse, (1917), by J. Schroeder



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    Course Outline 
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